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Hi. Thanks for checking out our packing list. Below you'll find the basic items that will make your trip a good time, mobile and self sufficient.

But below is the list of basic items for warmish weather that will keep the good times coming. So print it out and check off what you need.

Clothes: Brings as little as possible by making all your clothing quick dry and multi functional
  • 1 Quick Dry Travel Towel - They are a fraction of the weight of a regular towel and are super absorbant
  • 2 Quick Dry, Antibacterial Travel Socks - (you don't want athletes food in the middles of the jungle)
  • 2 Quick Dry, Antibacterial Underwear - (you definitely don't want any funky fungi developing on your undies)
  • 2 Dual Travel Pants - These are quick dry and easy to care for pants that can convert into shorts or a bathing suit
  • 2 Quick Dry T-Shirts
  • 1 Shirt that will get you into a club when doing urban travel
  • 1 Large Bandana - these things have so many uses and can double as a hat in hot climates

Toiletries: Think light, compact and organized in one place
  • 1 Backpackers Toiletry Kit - It should be compact, rugged and have a hook to hang in the hostel shower.
  • Travel Soap Sheets - These things are great. They are paper-thin, one-inch by one-inch  sheets that revert into shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other soaps when water is added. They are a fraction the weight and size of even travel size liquids. They come in 50-sheet packets. You need a few sheets per shower.
  • 1 Toothbrush Cover - Keeps your toothbrush off nasty public sinks and separate from your other items
  • 3 TSA-approved 3 oz Carry On Bottles - You'll need them to bring creams or other liquids as a carry on item. They cannot be over 3 oz to meet airline requirements. (And are good to have in case you run out of soap sheets)
  • Antibacterial Wipes - Again wipes are better than liquids. Smaller and more lightweight. You shouldn't be fanatical about using them. The natural immune system takes care of most things. But sometime it can get a little nasty out there.
  • Travel-Sized Deodorant. You also can bring cologne or perfume to cover up a couple of days without a shower. But usually a dab or two of a nice smelling deodorant on the neck or arms is enough and you save the space of packing perfume.
  • Normal Shaving Razors for face or other body parts
  • Folding Brush and Mirror Combo - Great travel item. It folds in half and the bristles fold down. Compact and easy to carry.
  • Stainless Steel Travel Mirror - Lots of hostels don't have mirrors in your room or the bathroom and sometimes you need more than the little Brush mirror provides. Just make sure it is stainless steel or otherwise unbreakable because it will definitely take a beating in your pack